Pros and Cons of Brushing with Baking Soda

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Whether you believe it or not, baking soda has long been an alternative to toothpaste, and many people will admit to using it to clean the smile. Now, as you probably already know, many toothpaste manufacturers include baking soda in their paste. So, is brushing your teeth with baking soda good or bad? To help you find the answer, our dentist, Dr. Chadwick Webster, is happy to list the pros and cons of brushing with baking soda.


-Baking soda has been proven to help clean the teeth. According to studies by the Journal of Clinical Dentistry, brushing teeth with a product that has baking soda is more effective than brushing with a product that doesn’t have baking soda.

-Baking soda is inexpensive. If you just use baking soda to brush, it can last you a long time, and it costs less than $1!


-Brushing with baking soda is very messy.

-Brushing with baking soda makes your teeth feel gritty and it leaves a soda feeling in the mouth.

-Brushing with baking soda is not approved by the American Dental Association, which is a dental organization that approves products that are safe and effective for the smile.

-Brushing with baking soda alone will not give you the fluoride exposure you need to have strong and healthy tooth enamel.

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