Oral Health Essentials: Healthy Food Choices

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Protecting your teeth tends to be a frightening task that requires patience and daily cleaning routines. However, there are some simple tricks and hidden gems along the way that can aid you. For example, some foods can enhance and protect your teeth and gums.

Some of the best minerals for enhancing your oral health include calcium and phosphorus. Both minerals help strengthen tooth enamel to provide support in the fight against tooth decay. Foods that contain substantial amounts of these precious minerals include meats such as chicken, various nuts, milk, and many types of cheese.

One of the highest risk factors for tooth decay is the presence of harmful acids in our mouths in combination with plaque buildup. Even though you should not brush after eating due to increased tooth sensitivity which can cause toothpaste to be overly abrasive, there are alternative methods that can be implemented, such as using mouthwash and chewing sugarless gum. You can also eat foods that are crunchy and have large water contents, as they help to neutralize acids and wash away food debris.

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