Important Tips About Oral Cancer Screenings

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Are you aware of how important oral cancer screenings are? If you have not already received one, it is important to visit your dentist to get checked. Oral cancer is highly prevalent in all aspects of society and could hit any individual at any age. Over 40,000 Americans every year are diagnosed with oral and throat cancer. If you are unsure if you are suffering from any symptoms, look for the following signs:

– Look for signs of visible damage to your facial area, including abnormal swelling and thickenings, rough spots, crust, eroded areas, lumps or bumps, or other visual abnormalities to your gums, lips, and any areas inside your mouth.

– Look for signs of white, red, or speckled patches inside your mouth.

– If your mouth is frequently bleeding, including unexplained bouts of bleeding, oral cancer may be present.

– Always look for symptoms of unexplained numbness, any loss of feeling or sensation in your facial areas, as well as any pain or tenderness in your mouth.

– If you have any sores present on your face, neck, or mouth that frequently bleed and will not heal within two weeks, oral cancer may be the cause.

– Throat soreness, as well as chronic sore throats, are a known symptom of oral cancer.

–  If you have any difficulties with routine functions of your mouth, including chewing and swallowing, as well as moving your jaw and tongue, visit your dentist.

– A routine symptom of cancer involves unexplained weight loss.

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