Enhance Your Tooth Brushing Treatments

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One of the key components of oral hygiene is brushing your teeth. However, in the quest for a better smile, we often find ourselves not aware of or shirking our responsibilities to our toothbrush. Here are some good tips to follow:

– The best way to care for your toothbrush when it’s not in use is to keep it away from other toothbrushes. This will help avert infection.

-Exchange your toothbrush for a new one every 3-4 months or as needed. Otherwise, the toothbrush will be too worn out to be very effective.

– The best kind of brush is tough and durable with soft bristles and a head that will easily reach all corners of your mouth.

– Don’t ever share your toothbrush with anybody else for any reason, even if it has been previously washed.

– If you are on vacation, try not to keep your toothbrush in a sealed container, or do so as little as possible, as bacteria, mold, and mildew can linger in damp areas, putting your brush and your oral health at risk. When you are at home, keep it upright in a cup or on a toothbrush holder.

– Electric toothbrushes are very good at effectively brushing your teeth, especially if you experience chronic joint pain or weakness.

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