Dental Checkups are Important to Find Oral Cancer

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If you or a loved one has experienced any form of cancer, then you understand it’s best to spot it early to begin treatment right away. Did you know, your regular dental checkup includes a basic oral cancer screening? Well, it’s true! Having a screening is important, so you can keep your smile in healthy shape and spot any problems early that might arise. Our team here at Dental Creations in Tulsa, Oklahoma, cares about your oral health, and so we are happy to provide you with basic information on oral cancer, so you know what to watch out for.

Oral cancer can show up on your lips, gums, cheeks, tongue, the floor or roof of your mouth, and even the throat. What countless people may not realize is, your six-month checkup includes a basic oral cancer screening, so you can get checked regularly and catch it early if it should happen.

Symptoms of oral cancer can contain soreness, redness and irritation, red or white patches, pain, lumps in your mouth, difficulty chewing, and the way your teeth are aligned. If you are afraid you are experiencing any symptoms, please be sure to contact your dentist, Dr. Chadwick Webster, right away so you can get the proper screening.

Drinking, smoking, and any other form of tobacco use will also increase your risk of oral cancer dramatically. That is why it is always best to avoid all tobacco at all costs. If you still have any questions or would like a dental checkup so you can have your oral cancer screening, call us today at 918-307-0307 to set up an appointment. Our team stands ready to help you and your smile stay healthy for years to come.